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Million Man March 2015 What Was Missing?

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The slogan for the 20 year reunion of the Million Man March was Justice Or Else.  I ASK…  Or Else What?  just what are we capable of doing? We have limited wealth and next to know unity across the nation.

The Million Man March was one of the most historic organizing and mobilizing events in the history of Black people in the United States two times; What Was Missing?  Black men were there from all parts of the united States they came unconnected to each other and they left disconnected from each other with know clear agenda as what to do to improve their self’s and there community. There is no power in being disconnected. A clear connection to each other is what was missing from both Million Man Marches.

With the technology of today, a million men can be and should have been connected like a spider web covering the United States; Working together to create income, unity and support to fix the problems that are hurting the Black American Community.

The root of the problems in the black communities start with “The Lack Of Capital”, marching is not the solution. What is the Solution? Community Economic Development / Creating a Economic Connection between all of us to create financial growth for our communities and individuals.

Find Out How To Get Connected and make this happen. “click”  The Solution

Farrakhan, 82, spoke to the crowd on the National Mall in Washington and reflected on the importance of passing the torch to the next generation.

“We who are getting older… what good are we if we don’t prepare young people to carry that torch of liberation to the next step? What good are we if we think we can last forever and not prepare others to walk in our footsteps?” he said.

The Million Man March 20 yr. Reunion

Mainstream media in American and media outlets from around the world were watching.

The world did not see thieves, criminals and savages as usually portrayed through mainstream music, movies and other forms of media; on that day, the world saw a vastly different picture of the Black man in America.

The world saw Black men demonstrating the willingness to shoulder the responsibility of improving themselves and the community. There was neither one fight nor one arrest that day. There was no smoking or drinking.

The Washington Mall, where the March was held, was left as clean as it was found. Two of the best descriptions of the Million Man March include the word “miracle” and the phrase “a glimpse of heaven



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