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Selma Alabama Anniversary March 2015 The Problem

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At The end of slavery Black Americans controlled 2.5% of the nations wealth,  Today 2015… ” Guest”  How much of the wealth we control today?  2.5%.  Sounds crazy but it’s true.  We have to do something about this Right Now!

In 1965  Our People marched for  Voting Rights;  In 2015, 50 years later, 80,00 people came  to celebrate the the sacrifices and the achievement that came from this 1965  movement.  What was the goal for 2015?  What was accomplished from this 2015 march with 80,000 black people there?  NOTHING…Just a lot of Walking and Talking with no solution to any of the many problem facing us today and no agenda as to what action to take next.

The root of the problems in the black communities start with “The Lack Of Capital”, marching  is not the solution. What is the Solution?  Community Economic Development / Creating a Economic Connection between all of us to create financial growth for our communities and individuals.

The Civil Rights Movement did not attend to the matter of Cultural Finance. There were 80,000 people there who spent money on travel, hotels, food etc. and most of that money did not go into black owned businesses. Now if each of these 80,000 people made a small one time investment that could pay them over & over again and connect us together…meaning after the event was over no matter where you live,  everyone would still be connected working together – People Helping People – Creating income for yourself, organization, business, church or school. Look At the Power in this Movement.

How Does This work?  “click” See Solution

Selma GoldSelma and the Alabama Black Belt were the battlegrounds for the Voting Rights Movement that resulted in the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Alabamians stood up and peacefully fought for the right to vote. SNCC, SCLC, national churches and religious organizations, civil rights and labor organizations, and stars of the Movement supported the Alabama Voting Rights Movement. We commemorate and thank them for their work, leadership and sacrifice.

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