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Stop Black On Black Crime

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Do Black Americans Care? Is it alright for a black person to kill another black person?

Each time a police offer kills a black person and there is a protest, Fox News comes on and points out how many black people were killed by black people and we never go to any extremes to protest this epidemic happening everyday in our communities across the country. Do black lives matter to Black people or only when they are killed by the police?

This even shows in our black president Barack Obama, who every time there has been a mass  shooting  he starts to call for gun control. He never calls for any thing to help stop the killing in our community…I guest it alright for black people to kill other black people. How Do You see It?

We Have To take matters into our own hands;  What can we Do?  We have to connect together and provide another direction for our people to move in.

Most of these killings evolves around drugs and money, committed by “Want Ta Bees” people acting bad only because that’s the only opportunity they can see to make some money. If they had money coming in, most of them would not be out in the streets where they also run the risk of  getting killed by the police or another black person.

The root of the problems in the black communities start with “The Lack Of Capital”,  What is the Solution?  Community Economic Development / Creating a Economic Connection between all of us to create financial growth for our communities and individuals.

Every other ethnic group in this country works together and practices informal means to create income for each other. It’s Time For Us To Start. Learn How and why we need to do this “click”  The Solution




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