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We Have The Solution

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 Have you ever went to a community meeting…

Where the agenda was to help you

And others in the meeting make changes that would… Help everyone improve their lifestyle and make the community stronger.

The information that’s provided at the meeting is powerful, inspirational but it doesn’t offer a solution to address the main problem that’s affecting us… Which in most cases, it’s financial.

The root of the problems in the black communities start with “The Lack Of Capital”,  We Have The Solution for this – But lets look at why does this effect the black American communities so bad?

The root of the problem is that the civil rights movement did not attend to the matter of cultural finance. The civil rights movement ignore the role that capital formation and equity finance could and should have been playing.

The focus of the civil rights movement put emphasis on justice, jobs and wages;  Not on Accumulating Savings, Land and Financial Asset Ownership, and Business Development.

Slavery Stripped Black Americans of informal savings traditions that you can find in virtually every other ethnic immigrant group in this country: (Remember,We Are Not Immigrants)

  1. ‘Partner’ Jamaican culture
  2. ‘Gye’ Korean
  3. ‘Committee’ Indians
  4. ‘Hui’ Chinese
  5. ‘Cundina’ Mexican
The list goes on and on, this is practice all over the world; Every other ethnic group in this country works together and practices informal means to create income for each other. It’s Time For Us To ‘Get Connected’ and  Start Working Together.
The terminology for this informal savings tradition system, used all over the world, is called a  “Rosca”  ” Rotating savings and credit associations” (ROSCA)
Rosca are among the oldest and most prevalent savings institutions found in the world and play an important role for locally organized groups that meet to MAKE MONEY and use it for whatever purpose she or he wishes.
Rotating Savings and Credit Associations (ROSCAs) are essentially a group of individuals who come together and make regular occurring contributions to a common fund, which is then given as a lump sum to one member in each cycle;
Who then pays back the amount in regular/further monthly contributions. This explains the name rotating savings and credit associations’ for such groups.
Depending on the cycle in which a member receives his/her lump sum, members alternate between being lenders and borrowers. That is, there is a mutual give-and-take involved in ROSCAs.
Thanks to modern technology, the description above of  how Roscas work  Are Old-School.  The Principles are the same, but there are now Major Changes to make the system better for everyone involved.
  1. You only make one out of pocket investment.
  2. You do not have to wait in a cycle to get paid. (you can get paid daily)
  3. You control your own money.
How can this be accomplished?  This is accomplished by Working Together using the secrets that banks don’t want you to know;  Which is Leverage & Duplication.
Before introducing you to this business model, it’s important to first understand the power of leveraged income and how it can benefit us in obtaining our goals to raise money.
Leveraging is the only way for you to multiply your money  like the banks. It’s when you team up with other people with the same purpose that multiplication takes place.
Leveraging is the most effective way to quickly multiply your money.
Leverage income can be defined as: The income derived from the efforts of many people all working together as a team. As your organization grows, your leverage income grows as well.

Just Think about This, 80,000 people attended the anniversary of the 1969 Civil Rights movement in Selma Alabama, One Million Men attended the Million Man March in Washington D.C.  Two different events in 2015.  

What if these people were all Connected leveraging their dollars together ,  No matter What Part of the country they live in…Creating Income for each other Without interfering with whatever each individual  is involved in now. Power Economics: (Learn more about the problem with these events, click one of the links below)

Million Man March-What Was Missing      Selma Alabama 50yr -The Problem

However in order to apply the principles of leverage income, you need a proven financial vehicle.

We would like to introduce you to    Crowdrising Peer To Peer Fundraising 
• This is A new direction in fund raising
• You can Raise money fast, Helping Others
• You can raise money faster than ever before with this model of Connecting Together

For the first time we can really help each other; Rather you’re a part of a Business, Organization, School, Church or even you as an individual, when you participate  in this system you will help someone and help yourself at the same time earn income.
Smartphone & moneyWe use Modern technology and our smartphone, which is money in our hand that needs to be connected. Just like each of us pay a cellphone carrier each month and none of that money comes back to us.
Our Leveraging and Duplication system will pay each of us.
Being connected, our smartphone becomes our office in the palm of our hand,
With No Selling of Anything To Create Income.
By Connecting together with each other you not only help yourself,  but also any businesses, organizations, churches or schools that are apart of the connection.

A one-time investment of $20 is the only out-of-pocket funds needed to get started.

Using your contacts from your cell phone first, you can introduce this to five people who will do the same as you… Invest $20 one time and they in turn will do the same thing, introduced your goal to five people from their contact list who will do the same thing. Everyone who participates gets Paid!

There is no selling of any products required,


Power Economics: We as a people are consumers, We have to Learn How to Make Money Work for Us.

To ensure your success Each participant who makes a one time $20.00 investment gains connection to a personal:

  1. International Website (Free No Hosting Fees)
  2. Virtual Office online to track your money & program growth.
  3. Marketing  materials to make connections. 

If you are serious about connecting together to make this happen!  Helping  others to help yourself earn funds for your business, organization, church or cash for your personal needs and to build up the Economics of our community’s.

Think about This, if the Same 80,000 people who attended the anniversary of the 1965 Selma Alabama Civil Right Marched this year 2015  Participated in getting  connected to each other putting in $20 each  and leveraging their dollars together, The potential  income they could create to benefit everyone involved would be $46,875,000
 The Question Is: Are You Ready?

Now Think About This !

No matter what your current circumstances are, We have the power to create a new reality for ourselves, family, and communities.

It doesn’t matter how broke, beat down, frustrated, poor, disadvantage you may feel in your current situation it is us and only us, that shapes our future. Our life will never magically improve on it’s own it’s up to us to take full responsibility.

The formula to get started right now is simple.

  • Step one: Stop being a victim
  • Step two: Get Educated
  • Step three: Get in the game take a deep breath – let go of the past, focus on the present, to build our future.

Think about the last time you spent $20

on something you didn’t really need,

.Don’t be skeptical about investing $20 in your future

When you have no problem spending it on these things

Hat       Club/Bar    Shoes    Purse     Nails        Hair Salon

Shirt    Movie    Marijuana    Out To Eat    Cigarettes     Video Game

Jeans      CD      Tattoo      Piercing       Alcohol          Beer

If You Are Ready To Make This Happen:

1024 Action Plan

To Start: Go To Lincoln 1024 Crowdrising website by clicking on  Join Now Banner  Below

Sign Up, Under Lincoln Athletic Initiative
This Is Important: Make Sure That in The Top Left Hand Side Of Sign up Page, It Says Invited By Lincoln Athletic Initiative

The Best Part…You Control Your own Money. Click The Banner To Join Below

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