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Why We Need Project 1024 & How it Can Help Everyone Who Is Connected To It:

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Project 1024
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Project 1024
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About Project 1024

The Biggest Problems In Our Community, Are All Based Around Economics.

What we would like to achieve by providing this Peer To Peer Crowdfunding Opportunity To the community.

1.To create an economic development program that all people can participate in.

2.We want to break the trap of consumerism That has entrapped the community;

Focus on

Accumulating Savings,

Land and Financial Asset Ownership,

 Business Development.

This will move us in a  direction to solve some of the problems in our community.

3.We want to create an atmosphere to recycle dollars in the community for growth and to build economics Creating jobs.

4.The main Purpose Is To Encourage Entrepreneurship

    To Build A Strong Community.